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What Qualifies as a Commercial Dispute?

Running a business in San Francisco requires unyielding focus. Sometimes, that means speed and sometimes that means taking risk. But not all risks pay off. Some have unexpected consequences. When risks turn bad, our job is to solve our clients’ problems.

As commercial litigation attorneys, we develop strategies to maximize favorable outcomes seeking a pathway that presents minimal costs. We do not see our job simply as an opportunity to fight because we believe in bloody knuckles. Rather, our job is to protect our clients and make their problems go away. Sometimes that means standing firm. Sometimes that means finding common ground. Sometimes that means something in-between. It always means having a strategic vision for the end-game.

Whether you run into issues involving breach of contract, partnership, copyright or trademark, breach of fiduciary duty, or employment discrimination, you need experienced litigation attorneys at your side.

Business litigation is our only focus. To schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with our San Mateo office, fill out the form below or give us a call. We proudly serve the entire Bay area, including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, San Rafael, and beyond.

Our practice focuses on a wide variety of real estate disputes: battles over commercial leases, disputes with Bay Area cities over land use and building permits, and even neighbor to neighbor controversies.

We have defended and prosecuted real estate agents and architects for malpractice; we have tried lawsuits and prosecuted arbitrations involving acrimonious neighbors; we have gone toe-to-toe with some of the most aggressive city agencies in the country, the San Francisco Planning and Building Departments overbuilding and demolition permits. And won.


Every lawsuit is run by a lawyer with two decades of experience. We know the law. We become experts in our clients’ cases. And we’ve seen, again and again, how these matters usually play out.


Solutions require strategy. And strategy means clarifying our clients’ goals, and then reverse-engineering a plan for getting there.


Wins are great—and we’ve had our share. But an expensive win (even one that makes the lawyer feel good) can be worse than an inexpensive walkaway. Our clients are in control of their destiny. We work to achieve their solutions, not ours.

Real Property Disputes & Employment Litigation

Lots of things can go wrong with real estate. Our San Francisco, California attorneys have extensive experience helping clients through landlord-tenant and neighbor disputes, property sales gone bad, agent malpractice, lease fraud, zoning disputes, and much more. We stand up for our clients’ rights as business owners, homeowners, and renters.

California's employment law changes very quickly. In our backyard, Silicon Valley, one of the hottest areas in the employment law is discrimination based on sex, gender, national origin, religion, sexuality, race, or age.

A series of recent high profile sexual harassment cases have signaled a change in jurors' attitudes around these issues, changing employers’ liability exposure.

Also of note for 2020, the California Legislature has rewritten the laws that affect contract workers and employers that treat their employees as if they were contractors. Our firm is on the cutting edge of this issue, having litigated “misclassification matters,” as they are called, since 2014.

The Labor Code in California is one of the most complex areas of law in the nation. Our firm has successfully resolved numerous discrimination and retaliation actions. Of special interest, especially in Silicon Valley, is the eminently complicated question of whether a worker is properly classified as an employee or as an independent contractor. Our attorneys have extensive experience in taking these “misclassification” cases to trial and winning.